First Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Details: "Antagonists Is A Human Solider, Two Squad Mates" & More

First Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay

It seems like the very First Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay details has been leaked on Mass-Effect subreddit, and to back up the leaked details the anonymous source (anonymous) has provided some proof to the moderator with a condition that the proof won't be make public because there is a possibility that it will help EA and Bioware identified the source of the leak.

First Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay

Mass Effect Andromeda will have two squad mates accompanying the lead protagonist. According to the First Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay details provided by this anonymous source, these two squad mates will be a human blonde woman and a Krogan. Thre will be jetpacks for all the squad mates, they will be equipped with it, which will help them during exploration of the game's universe.

Graphics and visuals will see a good upgrade, Mass Effect series fans should expect some amazing improvement and details in characters models and facial features. The Omnitool will now come with more functionality such as Combat Shields and many others.

The lead protagonist of Mass Effect Andromeda will be called as "the Pathfinder" and this term make a lot of sense considering the storyline, it is all about searching for a new home for Humanity and other races. Airships will come with a "Pathfinder quarters" section on the ship.

Also, there will be a new ship travel system in Mass Effect Andromeda and it will be completely different from the old galaxy map system. This area will allow the player to manually flies the ship. Expect the size of the ships to be bigger and better.

Enemies in Andromeda will be described as a bipedal cross between Vorcha and Collectors. The non-human enemies will make an appearance in the combat from Cerberus ships. One of the lead antagonists in Mass Effect Andromeda is going to be a Human Soldier having similar Armor than the lead protagonist but without N7 insignia.

Mass Effect Andromeda is going to be the fourth installment in the franchise and takes place long after the events of the original trilogy. The lead protagonist will be a HUMAN (Male or Female) and might be named as "RIDER or RYDER".


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