Where and How To Unlock Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC

Things are never easy as they seem at first in Bloodborne. And when it finally releases on November 24, it won't be really easy to access the new area included in The Old Hunters DLC, and the Bloodletter and Gatling Gun weapons as well. There are a few things you need to do in order to access them, and here's How to unlock Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC:

Bloodborne The Old Hunter DLC Unlock Method

  • Purchase and download The Old Hunters DLC from PSN.
  • Kill the boss of the Cathedral Ward. Examine the altar in the back room and change the in-game time to night.
  • Go to the Hunter's Dream and get the Eye of the Blood-drunk Hunter from a messenger.
  • Next, go to the Oeden Chapel and leave via the left-hand exit. You will enter the square from here.
  • Now go to the right-hand end of the square to trigger an event. This event will now take you to a new area: the Hunter's Nightmare.
  • Lighting the lamp in the area will let you travel to and from this area via the Awakening Headstone in the Hunter's Dream.

It won't be that easy but it's not impossible, and we guess this is really what you like about Bloodborne and From Software titles

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