Just Cause 3 Review From Early Player: "Long Loading Times, Map Is Huge, Cut-scenes Slow The Game" & More

Just Cause 3

Middle East retailers are already selling Just Cause 3 copies, well ahead of its worldwide release slated for December 1. While this is not a happy happening for many gamers and many of us spanned across the planet, it's still a good chance to learn something not-spoilerific about the game before it officially launches.

Just Cause 3

First, take a look at the video below: it includes the opening cinematic and the first mission you will face while playing Just Cause 3. You might consider not watching the clip just not to have anything seen before you actually get your disc in your console, but also consider it doesn't include spoilers.

Reddit user "sol47" also provided a lot of details about Just Cause 3 gameplay, which we can sum up in the list below:

  • Loading times are long
  • Performance is solid, as frame rate drops don't happen quite often
  • Car controls are decent, definitely better this time around, although there's a weird car physics
  • It's a lot bigger ("map is huge") and "better" than Just Cause 2. Some areas pulsing with life
  • Voice acting is still "awful, laughable"
  • Cut scenes slow the game a bit
  • Enemies die in slow mo mode
  • There's a 2.6GB patch. You can start the game offline.
  • The touch pad opens the menu in pause screen
  • Everything can be destroyed, even massive bridges
  • New gadgets are incredibly fun to use

Is this the level of quantity and quality you were expecting from Just Cause 3? Let us know in the comments below.


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