Benjamin Burnley Explains Why Star Wars: Battlefront Sucks, A New Video Interview (NSFW)

Star Wars: Battlefront Benjamin Burnley Controversy

Recently, Singer Benjamin Burnley took the internet by storm when he posted a smashed copy of Star Wars: Battlefront Xbox One version on Instagram (the copy was sent by Electronic Arts) and was told to praise the game (give a positive review) and in return get some cash (bribe). If you missed out on that story, read it here.

Star Wars: Battlefront Benjamin Burnley Controversy

In a new video interview to "94.3 WCYY", Benjamin Burnley has explained in detail why exactly DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront sucks, in fact, Benjamin went on to make a big statement that ALL ONLINE GAMES SUCK. You can check out the full video interview below.

Benjamin Burnley pointed out how the spawns in Star Wars: Battlefront are bullshit, enemies spawn right in front of the player or the other way around. These are 100% legit complaints, but according to me the other side of the story is that DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront is not that bad as Benjamin is claiming, I don't hate the game like he does, but it obviously needs some work.

Do you agree with the views of Benjamin Burnley, is Star Wars: Battlefront this BAD? What improvements would you guys like to see in Star Wars: Battlefront to make is one of the most loved online game of 2015? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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