Xbox One Has No Chances To Fill The Sales Gap With PS4: Michael Pachter's

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

Two years have passed since Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launched in 2013, and one thing is clear: Sony console is selling much better than its current-gen competitor. The question is: is this something that can change in the future? According to Michael Pachter, the answer is no.

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

In his latest Pachter Factor video, the analyst said that at this point there are no chances for Microsoft to recover the gap which is being built in the last couple of years, although the Redmond corporation can consider itself lucky enough not to be completely destroyed and have decent sales in a lot of markets.

"My guess is Microsoft is gonna really try hard to win in the U.S. and they're probably going to fail. They're gonna hope to win globally and they're pretty definitely gonna fail. As long as they make a profit and they sell a lot of boxes, they win."

More importantly, according to Pachter this is not something really depending on Xbox One or PlayStation 4. It's just a matter of PlayStation being a much more popular brand, since Sony best selling console (PS2) has sold 170 million units while Microsoft's (Xbox 360) "only" 80 million. "We should start every console cycle assuming Sony's going to outsell Microsoft 2 to 1, because they have twice as many people who know what their console is and like."

Do you support this statements? Let us know in the comments below. We're curious to know if in your opinion Xbox One still has any chances to beat PS4.

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