Destiny December Patch Release Time and Beginning Of Sparrow Racing Revealed By Bungie (Update)


Bungie has announced the exact timing for the release of Destiny Deember 2015 update and when exactly Sparrow Racing begins. Bungie has clarified via Twitter that Destiny December 2015 update won't arrive as part of the Weekly Reset, instead it will be deployed in the morning of December 8 (Pacific Time).


Here are the exact tweets of Bungie: "Lots of questions today about the timing of the December Update and the beginning of Sparrow Racing. Stay tuned on Dec 8 when we go live. The December Update does not arrive as part of the Weekly Reset. We'll deploy it tomorrow morning (Pacific Time) when the time is right."

Also, here is a short reminder from our side to Destiny players: do not do the nightfalls tomorrow (December 8) until after the update, new exotics are coming.


Here is a bit more clarification on Destiny's December 2015 patch with respect to exact release time. Bungie on Twitter said: " At 10AM PST on Tuesday, December 8th, Destiny players may be asked to login again upon returning to orbit to download a patch."

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