New Batman: Arkham Knight Skin Discovered In The December PC Patch

Batman: Arkham Knight

A new Batman skin could be on its way, based on files found in the latest PC Batman: Arkham Knight patch. According to those files, Rocksteady might be working on a new suit featuring a shiny golden symbol – something like that has never been released and there's no other reference about it in other additional content announcements.

Batman: Arkham Knight

By the way, with the Season of Infamy DLC releasing tomorrow, there's a chance this new skin could be part of it as a special reward for completing some of the tasks assigned in the latest Batman: Arkham Knight additional content provided by the developer and Warner Bros.

The Season of Infamy DLC includes more Gotham Most Wanted missions with villains like Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Mad Hatter and Ra's al Ghul, and is going to be much bigger than previous add-ons as you can easily imagine by looking at just the names and amount of the characters involved.

We'll just have to wait and see if this new golden skin is arriving with it tomorrow or it is something Rocksteady has worked on and has cut it off at some point of the game's development. Stay tuned for more about this in the coming days.

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