GTA V Dev Leaks More Agent Screenshots and Artworks, Looks Glorious, Is The Game Canned?

Agent Leaked Screenshot

An ex-Rockstar Developer has leaked some gameplay screenshot of AGENT, a PlayStation 3 exclusive game announced until June 2009. You can check out the leaked screenshots below. This artist revealed in his portfolio that his art team was taken off the game to work on Grand Theft Auto V. He worked on Agent from June 2009-2010.

Agent Leaked Screenshot

The last time we heard anything about AGENT from Rockstar Games was way back in 2009. In 2009, Take-Two confirmed that Rockstar Games was still hard at work on the game. In the years since no one knows about Agent's whereabouts.

On Social Club, the status of Agent reads "Coming Soon". A leak coming out from ex-Rockstar developer hint towards one thing: Agen might be officially dead and buried. No way he would've leaked these photos if it was under development. Another possibility could be that Rockstar Games are re-working the assets for PlayStation 4. It doesn't matter to gaming community what the current development status of Agent is, the interesting takeaway for Take-Two and Rockstar Games is that the hype surrounding the game is intact as it was in 2009.

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