New PS3 Headset announced officially

Few days ago, news leaked that Sony is bringing new PS3 headset and Now its Official. Sony announced the new PS3 Bluetooth Headset officially. This is about 30% smaller and to suppress noise better than the present model. The new Bluetooth Headset is compatible with devices with Bluetooth 1.1 or higher. Otherwise, the two headsets are identical in construction. The price for the new headset is $49.99 and will soon be available.

New PS3 Headset

"Gadget fiends take note - the new Bluetooth Headset isn't just for gaming. The improved mobile phone feature support allows you to use features such as three-way calling and call waiting. And with nearly six hours of talk time, you can easily take the Bluetooth Headset with you straight from the living room to the streets", Sony said.

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