Sony Sending Out Emails For PlayStation Network's Downtime Compensation

Earlier this month, PlayStation Network has been down for about ten hours for reasons Sony hasn't disclosed yet. Since the news had a certain impact on the Internet, the Japanese platform holder decided to offer a compensation to PlayStation Plus users, including game time, PlayStation Now and Rentals extensions.

PSN Down

Now, according to a report from VG247, it seems Sony has started to send emails to such users informing them that the extensions are being delivered. There is no detail about how the extensions work, but it is likely that those are going to be summed up to the PlayStation Plus remaining days of those subscribers.

We haven't received any email from Sony at this point but it could be just a matter of time, unless the platform holder is dispatching those communications based on the region and the impact those region had coming from the outage earlier this month. VG247 operates in the United Kingdom, by the way.

A similar extension was offered after the Christmas 2014 downtime, which took the PlayStation Network down for almost one week. In that case, the extension offered was of five days and was summed up to the subscription's remaining days.

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