Call of Duty: Black Ops Playstation 3 Bugs and Glitch List

Are you among those Playstation 3 user who are playing Call of Duty: Black Ops without any bug and glitch, or you fall into the category of unlucky ones?

Call of Duty: Black Ops

On the official Black Ops Forum Treyarch has posted a details list of issue faced by Playstation 3 gamers. Here is the details of what it reads.


  • Party Invite System not working, unable to join friends even with public chosen
  • Leaderboard not reading correct kills
  • Framerate issues, affecting gameplay
  • Theatre mode not working correctly
  • Respawns, issue spawning near enemies on smaller maps
  • Game freezing PS3 Console
  • Party option "Leave with party" not working correctly
  • Locale Search option not working
  • Mic's not showing in lobby
  • Error "Disconnected due to transmission Error" appears after some games


  • Knifing mechanic seems to act like Commando lunge from MW2
  • Freezing Issue on 3D TVs

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