Tom Clancy's The Division Raid Name Revealed, Launch Two Weeks After The Game With Hard Mode Included

Tom Clancy's The Division

Ubisoft has been quite silent about the possibility, which we give for sure, of one or more raids in Tom Clancy's The Division. Now, we have an interesting rumor about this topic, providing a series of undisclosed details that, while are very precise, we can't tell true at this point.

Tom Clancy's The Division

According to this rumor, The Division's raid, called Rikers Island, won't be accessible until you reach level 27. A Hard Mode will unlock once you reach level 30. Moreover, it won't open up to players until two weeks later the launch date, similarly to what happened with Destiny: The Taken King expansion.

Based on these intel, the raid will be offered to gamers once they complete two important story lines in the main story and will be accessible to upa max of 8 players. It is said to be "fun, engaging and require strategy".

As we said, at this point it isn't possible to have a confirmation about the rumors we are discussing today. Anyway, it seems to be pretty likely since Bungie and Activision had a similar behaviour when launching Destiny and the first big expansion pack for it, so there is a great chance for Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft to have took "inspiration" from such strategy.