Dying Light: The Following Tech Analysis: No Improvement In XB1 Resolution, It Is Still 1536x1080

Dying Light: The Following

One of the most successful games last year, Dying Light, has now received a huge expansion called The Following and an Enhanced Edition which is basically improving the title on both the technical and gameplay-related sides. Digital Foundry has provided an interesting analysis to show what Techland has managed to achieve with this expansion pack.

Dying Light: The Following

First, there isn't a resolution upgrade for what matters Xbox One. It is still 1536x1080, a little less than full HD (1920x1080), but with a little improvement when it comes to frame rate (about 2-3fps). According to this analysis, strangely enough, Instant On triggers double buffer v-sync, screen tearing and other performance issues for some reason.

Due to the Enhanced Edition update occupying more space on Xbox One's hard drive rather than on PS4's, it was thought the Polish developer would have improved at least the resolution of that version. But this doesn't seem the case.

Talking about the PS4 version, it doesn't change anything in terms of performances: resolution is still set to 1920x1080, so full 1080p HD, with fluctuation in fps between 30 and 60 from the original release now persisting.

The PC release witnesses an improvement when it comes to the draw distance slider performance, and, in general, keeps the original's good performance and scalability.

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