Dying Light Custom Map Is An Impressive Tribute To P.T. And Silent Hills, Video Out Now

Silent Hills Dying Light Tribute

Dying Light is one of the most beloved horror games now on the market, but there's another little project people have been loving lately, one which was cancelled without any particular reason by Konami, leading to Hideo Kojima being fired and all the stuff you should know well: it's Silent Hills and its demo P.T.

Silent Hills Dying Light Tribute

You might be wondering: why are we discussing Dying Light together with P.T.? Although being both horror experiences, those games are pretty different: Dying Light is a parkour-based open world game while P.T. was a story-driven, psychological horror entirely set in just one house.

Such differences have not blocked youtube SlenderDan from making a Dying Light custom map called Repetition – The Horror House, a tribute completely inspired to P.T. with some twists added by the map developer itself. What's impressive here is that the custom map has been worked on exclusively using Dying Light custom maps tools, so no external tool or applications have had a role in this.

Take a look at the video below and let us know if you will give this a try, especially now that The Following expansion pack has reached the market with a whole new set of contents.

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