PlayStation VR To "Dominate" VR Market If Sony Prices It At Sub $500: Michael Pachter

PlayStation VR

Sony has yet to announce what's PlayStation VR price like, but competitors in the virtual reality market have already revealed how much we'll have to spend to grant a seat in the future of gaming. HTC Vive's about $800, it was announced yesterday, and Oculus Rift is about $600. This could provide Sony with a good spot at least when it comes to pricing its upcoming headset.

PlayStation VR

This is analyst Michael Pachter's idea, as well, and he gave more details about it in a tweet he issued earlier today, where he made it clear HTC Vive's price is a bit of a surprise which makes Oculus Rift almost surely the one who wins on PC. But what about PlayStation VR?

HTC Vive's price, according to Pachter, "sets Sony up to dominate if they have the ability to price sub $500", which sure is not a given, considering how much expensive those retail VR headset surprisingly are now. What's sure is that PlayStation VR will need to have a good price tag in order to prove successful and have a chance to take advantage of PS4's great userbase.

We'll have to wait and see what Sony can achieve once they release PlayStation VR in the first part of 2016, unless they have to delay – something that has been heavily rumored so far – up to fall 2016.

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