Street Fighter V PC Sales Were Pretty Poor In The First Week, Only Sold 100K Copies Worldwide

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is a PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive game, meaning that it won't release at any point soon on Xbox One nor other platforms. This isn't serving the game good advertising, it seems, since its sales have been so far pretty disappointing, on Steam at least.

Street Fighter V

Steam Spy page has recently updated Street Fighter V sales, detailing it only sold 100k copies in the first week of availability on PC. The average price was of $59,99.

Those numbers are pretty low considering how well games like Rise of the Tomb Raider and XCOM 2 managed to sell just a few weeks ago. XCOM 2 was a huge success with almost 600k copies, and Crystal Dynamics latest title, first launched on Xbox 360 and Xbox One only, got to sell 323,890 units in the debuting week.

Looking at reactions from players not being able to properly play online, it doesn't seem like they are going to provide other gamers with some good suggestions for them to buy Street Fighter V in the short term. Will Capcom be able to make the game successful anyway? We'll see.

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