Yakuza Creator Toshihiro Nagoshi Working on Sci-fi Shooting Title: Rumor

If the details given out on one of the japanese message board 2ch is anything to go by than Toshihiro Nagoshi creator of Yakuza is currently working on a sci-fi robot shooting game titled as Binary Domain.

Binary Domain

Accoriding to the rumours mills which is running at a high speed, this unannounced game title will be officially revealed in the next issue of Famitsu. The game is said to be completely based in 2080 in Tokyo and it will be a third person shooting game title, however there isn't any official confirmation on it.

At present Toshihiro is concentrating on a new game in Yakuza series called Ryu Ga Gotoku of the End (Yakuza of the End) and it is said that this will be the last game in the series.

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