The Division Graphics Comparison Shows PC Version Is Almost Identical To PS4 And Xbox One

The Division Graphics

Popular website Gamespot has issued a video comparison between each version of The Division currently on the market and, luckily for those who opted for the PS4 or Xbox One release, it seems there are not great differences between them. Look at the video below if you don't believe us...

The Division Graphics

The first thing you'll notice is the PC version runs at 60fps while frame rate is stopped at 30fps on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Of course, this is due to the PC's higher power, but we haven't seen anything different when it comes to pure graphics.

This could possibly mean two things. Massive Entertainment could have done a great job optimizing the game, making it look brilliant on consoles as on PC despite them being less powerful.

Or, the PC version could be a simple port of the console's versions. We would exclude this option as the title also includes Nvidia specific features that actually add something to the PC version, although these are not so clear at the first look.

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