Sony: PlayStation VR Not Sold At A Loss

Today, Sony announced that the PlayStation VR will be available to the consumers worldwide for a price tag of $399 and if you are going to buy everything i.e. PS4 console, PSVR and Camera then the total price comes to $810 which is still a big advantage against the competitors Oculus Rift (the headset alone is available for $600) and HTC Vive (the headset alone cost $800). This affordable price tag of PlayStation VR brought up a big question: Whether Sony is selling the PlayStation VR at a lost and are planning to make up the difference in software sales and licensing? Adam Boyes in an interview to our friend at GameInformer has clarified that PlayStation VR is not SOLD AT LOSS.

PlayStation VR

Boyes stated that he doesn't know the specifics of how Sony managed to bring down the price of PlayStation VR to $399 but clarified in clear words that they didn't sacrifice its bottom line.

"I think for us, we weren't really looking at the other guys," Boyes says. "The same goes for the price point. It wasn't predicated on anyone else's prices. Obviously, we need to make money on the unit, but we've been in the consumer electronics business for a long time, so our ability to source great, high-quality parts is a big part of it."

When asked for some clarification that Boyes wasn't talking about making money from the whole VR ecosystem. He was, in fact, directly referring to the hardware being sold in the black.

"Every device we've sold since PlayStation 4 has been in the black," Boyes confirmed. This also gives Sony room to bundle other components, like Move and Camera, in the holiday season when PlayStation VR launches in October at $399.

As per the official figure, PlayStation 4 worldwide install base is 35.9 million (as of January 3, 2016), and now this affordable $399 price of PlayStation VR, do you think Sony is in the driving seat for the all important VR market? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.


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