DriveClub Developer Evolution Studios Shuttered: Rumor (Update)


Sad news could be possibly coming from Sony. According to environment artist at Creative Assembly for Halo Wars 2 and former 343 Industries employee Ben Nicholas, the platform holder could have shuttered DriveClub developer Evolution Studios.


This is just a rumor at the moment, since we don't have any other sources claiming the same and neither official statements from Sony itself, which is the owner of this first-party studio.

Anyway, Evolution Studios is currently working on PlayStation VR support for DriveClub, which is also requiring a lot of work since the game needs to run at least at stable 60fps in order to provide fans with a proper and good virtual reality experience.

We'll update you upon this matter as soon as more news arrive. Of course we are still hoping to receive some denials from Sony and ultimately label this as a fake.


Jamie Brayshaw, Senior Community Manager at Evolution Studios has officially confirmed that Sony has closed Evolution Studios (the developer behind Motorstorm, Driveclub). Via Twitter, Jamie also announced that Driveclub will now be under the care of the team at PlayStation. You can read the full message from Jamie below.

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