Major PS4.5 Leak: GPU 2X Powerful Than PS4, 4K Blu-ray Player, No Trade-In Program For PS4 Owners and more

PlayStation 4.5

Finally, a major leak related to PlayStation 4K (also known as PlayStation 4.5) has been posted on popular gaming forum Neogaf. OsirisBlack from Neogaf posted the ton of interesting information about PlayStation 4.5 and he claims to get access to the information from the meeting held yesterday with top executives of Sony. Please note, Neogaf moderators do not allow random rumors, they first verify user's sources and once satisfied with their cross-checking that the user is someone who would have access to the information they allow to post the information. But we still want our readers to take the leaked information with a grain of salt and consider it as rumor only.

PlayStation 4.5

According to the details received by OsirisBlack, PlayStation 4.5's GPU is twice as powerful as standard PlayStation 4 and much faster. No figure was revealed as to how fast the GPU is but it was confirmed that it is running at a higher clock speed while being much smaller than the original.

About the price, OsirisBlack stated that it is currently priced at $399 but if there is a better CPU than the price could go to $499.99. You can read all the leak information below:

PS4.5 Price:

The price is currently $399. There were discussions about including a better CPU, which would raise the price to $499, a price that is guaranteed to be the maximum amount one might have to pay for the upgraded console. There are currently no plans for a trade-in program for PlayStation 4 owners, but that could change.

GPU and Blu-ray Player

The GPU is twice as powerful as the current PlayStation 4 and much faster. It runs at higher clock speed and is much smaller than the original. It will have a 4K Blu-ray player and upscale games that are not 4K-native. (This is not to say that newer games will run 4K-native.)

Dev Kits already available to developers:

Developers already have development kits for the new PlayStation 4 and are making games that will directly target and take advantage of its higher specs. These games will work on the current PlayStation 4, but with considerable sacrifices made to performance. Current games will not receive any performance upgrades by being played on the newer system. Any upgrades that come would do so via game-specific patches released by developers. When asked if this was going to happen, the response was, “It’s a possibility but doubtful with the exception of a handful of games."

Launch Games for PlayStation 4.5:

Deep Down and something called as GOW4 (OsirisBlack predicted it to be God of War 4).

What do you guys think about this new rumor related to PlayStation 4.5? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.


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