Crysis: Legion a novel based on Crysis 2 coming out in March

The Publisher Del Rey Books has announced that a novel entirely based on the gameplay story of Crysis will be coming out on March 2011. The novel has been titled as Crysis: Legion.

Crysis: Legion is written by a well known sci-fi novelist Peter Watts, the novel will serve as an adaptation of the game event.

Crysis 2

About Crysis: Legion:

"In CRYSIS: LEGION, terrifying armored alien invaders stalk the streets of New York, while a nightmare plague strikes down its human population with brutal speed. The city is in chaos, its streets and skyline in smashed and flaming ruin. Nothing can stand against the invaders, leaving New Yorkers with a stark
choice - flee or die."

The game Crysis 2 is also slated to come out on March 22 in North America and on March 25 in Europe.

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