Dark Souls III Early PC Reviewer Reports FPS Performance Issues In Late Game Areas, PS4 File Size Revealed

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls series fans in Europe and North America will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on Dark Souls III as it is scheduled to launch on April 12 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. The game is already in Japan and few PC are experiencing some nasty performance issue in the Late Game Areas.

Dark Souls III

According to the details shared by YouTube user BR34K on Reddit, Dark Souls III has some FPS performance issues at the areas in the late game in 1080p. Here is what his report reads:

"If from fix the issues that are present for all, it should be fine. I posted a benchmark of low and max settings on my channel, showing the percentage difference. Big difference between low and max performance-wise, but next to no difference in visual fidelity. Late game has an absolutely terrible performance at times, though. I can get 60 fps in 4k on low early game, but there are areas in late game where I get 20 fps in 1080p (gtx 980 / i7 4770k)"

We just hope that From Software fixes this issue with a day one patch when Dark Souls III arrives on April 12 in Europe and North America. Check out the Dark Souls III 4K Benchmark video below.

In another news, the Dark Souls III's PlayStation 4 file size has been revealed on PlayStation Store, and its not a mammoth-sized 50GB game, Dark Souls III will only need 17.3GB of HDD Space.

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