Quantum Break Is A Technical Mess On Windows 10 PC: "No Quit Option, sub-30FPS On GTX980 On Low Setting"

Quantum Break

It looks like the Quantum Break Windows 10 PC version is far away from perfection. According to a gamer who bought his copy on day one (today), there's still a lot of optimization and work to be completed on the latest Remedy title for PC, which makes us think the release was a bit rushed.

Quantum Break

Twitter user Joseph Bradford (screenshots of the tweet below), as reported on NeoGaf, says there isn't a quit button to exit the game once the play session is over in the main menu, and gamers have to use the alt+tab combination instead.

Moreover, Bradford says he felt the need to use the Xbox One controller during a firefight in order to have more precision. The game "is not a great showing", "looks better than the Xbox One version but that's about it", and has a lot of graphical issues: it's "all sub-30fps on my GTX980 on low settings".

His final tweet suggests not to buy Quantum Break on PC at this point: "spend your money elsewhere". Have you already bought it for Windows 10? Can you tell us your experience there? Let us know in the comments below.

Quantum Break Windows 10 Version PC Issue

Quantum Break Windows 10 PC Version Issue Tweet 1

Quantum Break PC Version Issue Tweet 2


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