Naughty Dog Hints The Last of Us 2 (Sequel) In Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

The Last of Us Sequel In Uncharted 4

New hints at what's next in Naughty Dog's journey may come from Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Based on info gathered by gamers, indeed, Naughty Dog has placed a few posters in its latest action adventure title for PlayStation 4, perhaps suggesting what it is working on.

The Last of Us Sequel In Uncharted 4

Two posters in particular have captured people's attention, involving The Last of Us (of course) and Savage Starlight. Savage Starlight was already featured in an earlier Naughty Dog game – The Last of Us itself - and is an in-game comic which has never been confirmed to be a game the developer is working on.

In the past, any rumor about it was debunked, but it is interesting to notice it is carrying over from game to game, showing all the ND titles are set in a single universe.

Then, we have The Last of Us: American Daughters. It's just a poster but things get pretty hot when we talk about this survival action/adventure IP. We know almost for sure that Naughty Dog has a new game in the series in the making, but we don't have many clues what it could be about in terms of story.

Such name would suggest there's some kind of female protagonists involved anyway, maybe Ellie and her little Left Behind friend? Hopefully we'll learn something about the new game pretty soon, even though E3 2016 could be too early even for a small teaser hinting at something in the works.


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