New Hint For Sucker Punch Developed Spider-Man PS4 Game

Spiderman Game For PlayStation 4

Long rumored Spider-Man game could actually be in the making at Sucker Punch, since we have a new clue about it and one which seems to be pretty believable. A motion capture artist named Stephen Oyoung is indeed claiming to have worked on an "untitled Spiderman PS4 project".

Spiderman Game For PlayStation 4

This project was cited in Oyoung's curriculum vitae, but he removed it apparently as soon as he understood he wasn't supposed to be talking about it anytime before the official announcement comes.

Another interesting detail coming from the CV is Oyoung’s working for Sony and not Activision, which apparently doesn't own the IP's rights anymore. It looks likely at this point those rights were acquired by Sony in a deal possibly involving other partnerships (the Call of Duty one for example) and intellectual properties (Crash Bandicoot rumors have been debunked but who knows).

We'll have to wait for E3 2016, where it is highly likely for Sony to reveal what's next in Sucker Punch's history – the missing link in this whole story. As soon as we know what the inFamous developer is doing now, we'll see if there's room for a Sony-built Spider-Man game.


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