PS4K Not Being Announced At E3 2016, Reveal Set For Paris Games Week 2016: Insider Report

PS4 Neo

Rumors about a new, 4K version of PlayStation 4 have been around for a while, and many think of it being announced at E3 2016 in June. Today we have a pretty bad news for you guys, since according to well informed insider Shinobi602 PS4K or Neo, as you wish, is not set for an announcement before Paris Games Week.

PS4 Neo

"I've heard that Sony will announce the PS4 Neo at Paris Games Week. This made sense to me because the supposed upgrades are coming in what, October? I would have said this publicly if I was 100% sure, but it's just what I was told," Shinobi602 said during a podcast as reported by Geeksultd.

Paris Games Week 2016 is opening on October 27 and ending on October 31, which is pretty late in comparison with the latest rumors pointing at an October simultaneous release with PlayStation VR.

Should Shinobi be right, PS4K would launch in late November and represent Sony's effort to win the Holiday Season all over again.

An announcement at Paris Games Week would also mean Sony not considering, just like it happened last year, August's Gamescom the best place where to share such big news. Your opinion about this?


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