Total War: Shogun 2 Multiplayer "is a lot deeper" and inspired by COD: Mike Simpson

Total War: Shogun 2 in no doubt one of the much awaited game title for next year, and the multiplayer element in it is one of the much talked about feature due to its similarities with Call of Duty experience progression system.

Total War Shogun 2

However According to Mike Simpson, Studio Director, Total War: Shogun 2 multiplayer is inspired by Call of Duty but it is much better than and lot deeper.

In an interview to one of the site Simpson was quizzed about the Shogun 2 multiplayer feature similarity with COD system to which he replied:

"I think to a certain extent, although the guys that actually put this together and created the multiplayer – they’re not Call of Duty players. I’m not sure if they’ve played it at all. But obviously there a lot of the rest of us in the office who have, so those kind of ideas about how you put progression into a multiplayer game without making it so imbalanced that noobs always get completely trashed – that’s quite a difficult problem to solve.

Simpson continued "Yes, Call of Duty showed that it can be done, Once you know it can be done then you can look for all types of different ways to do it in the context of your game. It’s quite interesting how inspiring in some ways... we’ve definitely done it our own way. In a way it’s a lot deeper, we’ve gone a lot further than anything Call of Duty’s done."

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