GTA Online New Finance Expansion Announced, Still No Sign Of GTA V Singleplayer DLC


Rockstar Games has just announced a brand new expansion is releasing for Grand Theft Auto Online, and that it’s going to be the biggest ever released for GTA V’s online multiplayer component. The expansion is called Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.


It's launching on June 7 and adding new stuff like the possibility to be appointed as CEO in a criminal organization, handling an HQ office, and warehouses spread across Los Santos where to hide illegally retained weapons and more. More illegality levels will be introduced.

As of now, we only have a couple screenshots for the expansion, but a first trailer is releasing next week. As we approach this new piece of content for GTA Online, of course, it gets harder and harder that Rockstar Games could possibly be working on single-player story-based DLC.

gta-online-june-DLC-screenshot-1.jpg gta-online-june-DLC-screenshot-2.jpg

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