Mass Effect Andromeda New Mission "Unique" In Terms of Narrative, Art And Design

Mass Effect Andromeda

Details on Mass Effect Andromeda are still pretty sparse, so even a tweet from a member of the development team at BioWare is something we can, and must, write news about. Today it's producer Michael Gamble's turn, who reported about progress made upon the development process a few days ago.

Mass Effect Andromeda

"Another level review today, another homerun by the team," Gamble said on Twitter, allowing all the fans to learn about how good is the development process itself going until now. "A great mission that was unique in design, narrative, and art direction."

Michael Gamble has been the producer for the original Mass Effect trilogy, so we can ultimately trust him if he says everything is running smooth and profitable while working on the new and still mysteriously mysterious Andromeda.

Everyone was expecting to see the upcoming title in a proper gameplay video, even a live showcase, at pre-E3 2016 Electronic Arts' EA Play event, but nothing more a few scenes included in a behind the scene trailer was displayed to eager gamers. Mass Effect Andromeda, anyway, is still set for an early 2017 release.

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