3DS Launch will be once in a life cycle moment: Nintendo

Nintendo is hoping wonders from their upcoming handheld 3DS, as they said that the launch of 3DS is going out to be a once-in-a-cycle moment and it will bring lots of changes to the gaming industry.


In an interview to one of the gaming magazine Dawn Paine, UK Marketing Manager said, "We're really relishing one of those big landmark moments,"

"As you can imagine, we are deep in the planning and it is going to be another once-in-a-cycle launch.

"The difference is that there are other brands operating in that space - and we're really excited about the positioning of the product and what it can achieve,"

He further added It's the world's first mass-market, portable, 3D device, without glasses.

"It's a great opportunity to explode 3D onto the wider marketplace."

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