Even Capcom Europe CEO Thinks Resident Evil 7 Is "Too Scary"

Resident Evil 7

Capcom released a brief demo anticipating what's next for Resident Evil 7, and it finally confirmed the Japanese developer is going the old school way in order to bring it back to the times were it was actually scary. By doing it in a new fashion, with a first person view and supporting PlayStation VR – which is the thing the software house is most worried about.

Resident Evil 7

Literally worried about: Capcom Europe CEO has revealed the game is “a bit too scary” for him, although précising it's just a personal thing, a subjective matter anyone could easily, if willing, trying and debunk.

"Honestly, I find it a bit too scary," he said. "It depends on the person. Some people might play part of it in VR, some might play it entirely in virtual reality, and some might play it entirely on the screen. It's a choice."

Capcom also fears that the game could be putting people in danger when playing it with PlayStation VR.

"When creating the game, the entire development team approached it as a normal non-VR game, and put in plenty of frightening jump moments," added marketing director Antoine Molant. "Having said that, obviously from a testing standpoint, we are making sure we are not putting people in danger for real."

Resident Evil 7 is releasing for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on January 26.


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