GTA V: Online Could Be Receiving A Bikers Based DLC, Hints Scripts In Game Code


Rockstar Games could be developing a brand new expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online, and this one could be finally based on bikers. According to scripts found in the game code through the Cunning Stunts update, it really seems like there's such DLC on its way.


Files found in the game code report a "gb", which is usually related to CEO and VIP missions. Those who are signed up as a VIP or CEO have special privileges such as commanding other people to run jobs for them, and it looks like this stuff could be linked to the new bikers DLC as well.

Another script seems tied to the chance of buying a new garage and customize it the way people, and especially bikers, would want, just like it happens with offices in the CEO additional content.

Grand Theft Auto already has its own biker gang called The Lost. You've probably seen them in GTA IV: The Lost and Damned single-player additional content, as well as in GTA V and GTA Online's playable missions.


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