Xbox One S Is The Most Pre-Ordered Product On GameStop (Update)

Xbox One S

Despite being each and every day beaten by PlayStation 4, it seems there's still some hope for Microsoft and Xbox One to come up with a decent amount of sales during this generation. Anticipation for Xbox One S is pretty good, indeed.

Xbox One S

At least, this is what we can learn by looking at pre-orders. Pre-orders were great on and Best-Buy, and now even GameStop North American website points out the new version of the Xbox One console is the most pre-ordered item at the moment.

Let's do a couple of considerations. First, it's July, so there's not so much imminent stuff you would pre-order since we're in Summer and in Summer average customers do other things rather than pre-order video games/video games consoles on the Internet.

Second, in case of sold out (and this doesn't look that case by the way) we should look at how many units Microsoft is actually shipping to retailers. It was's case and it would be interesting to see how many units they actually received by the Redmond giant.

Xbox One S 2TB is releasing on August 2. 500GB and 1TB models' launch dates will be revealed next week.



On behalf of Paolo, Gamepur likes to clarify that though an item may be displayed prominently on the GameStop website, this may indicate that it is indeed a best-selling item but not necessarily THE best-selling item.

Thanks for the update from GameStop's Jackie Smith.

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