Australia to start a new game rating system: limit set at 15 years old

If reports coming out from foreign media is anything to go by then, Australia is about to start a new game rating system.

The Australian Government has decided that they will re-examine all areas and section of game media in 2011, to ensure that the grading standards adapt to the current situation.


Australia's Interior Minister O'Connor said:

"When the National Classification Scheme began, classifiable content and the way it was delivered to consumers was relatively static,"

"Today, films can be watched in a cinema, on DVD, on TV or downloaded. Many games include significant film segments to tell stories, and some films have interactive content."

According to Gamespot's report, the Australian federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland and Minister of the Interior O'Connor will ask the Australian Law Reform Commission to review all of the game and will take full account of technological progress resulting from the various possibilities.

Many games have a lot of important stories, including clips and interactive content, the Australian people, particularly parents, need to understand the classification system in order to see and hear the content to make informed choices.

The Australian Government has been considering the introduction of a 18-year-old classification system for the boundaries, and ultimately, the Government decided to re-evaluate the new game content, the final grade boundaries set at 15 years of age.

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