Street Fighter V Only Sold 100,000 Copies From April To June 2016: Report

Street Fighter V

Let's be honest - Street Fighter V has been a disappointing flop, no matter if you look at it as a game critic or as a sales analyst. Capcom can't be happy about it for its final quality and sales as well, considering its quarterly report.

Street Fighter V

By the quarter ending on March 31, 2016, Capcom reported that Street Fighter V had sold 1.4 million units worldwide. In its quarterly report, that figure hasn't changed by any measure, meaning that only less than 100,000 units have been sold in a period of three months.

This is particularly disappointing especially if you consider the game was among the most appreciated fighting titles at the recent EVO annual championship, and that was some sort of achievement (Capcom was really looking into eSports for Street Fighter V) you could think would help sales. It didn't.

A proper story mode and more content have been released since day one, but it looks like, at least as of now, it hasn't been enough. Could this degree of support, plus the rumored Xbox One version on its way, have some return for Capcom in the future? We'll see.

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