Phil Spencer Talks Gamescom, Microsoft Fan Event, Halo TV Show And Phantom Dust Remaster

Phil Spencer

After a very busy period, Phil Spencer has returned to chat with Xbox fans on Twitter, providing some interesting comments about what's next for his team in terms of press conferences and reveals which includes Phantom Dust remaster, Halo TV show and more.

Phil Spencer

First, he said he’s pretty sad about missing Gamescom this year, as he won't be at the event in Germany - Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg will, despite there won’t be any media briefing.

Moreover, Spencer added that Microsoft is exploring possibilities about working on a fan even like the PlayStation Experience as well, where fall announcements can be provided to the press

Talking about games, he said that the Phantom Dust remaster is doing some good progress and won't disappear just like the canceled reboot did last year. Interestingly, the Halo TV show is said to be "alive" and kicking, perhaps pointing at a 2017 release (although we don’t have any comment about tentative launch dates and networks).

We’re sad to hear Gamescom won’t reserve any announcement from Microsoft (nor from Sony), but it’s good to see Microsoft is working on some kind of surprises to be shown along the fall, pre-holiday season. Maybe they’ll be betting on VGX, or really setup an event on their own. Who knows. What’d you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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