PS3 Firmware 3.30 Causing Game Crashing

Well many gamers are reportig that they are facing freezing and crashing problem after they  updated Playstatin 3 Firmware to 3.30. It happens many a times before also when some gamers  update their Firmware the started having issue rather than getting their previous bugs or  system related problem fix.

Today we reported you with latest features of PS3 Firmware 3.30. Many gamers are reporting that they are facing a freezing as  well as crashing issue with their Dragon Age: Origin Copies after getting their firmware  update for their console to 3.30. It is not like that this issue is capture only the slim  or fat model of Playstation 3, this issue has capture both model of console with most of  the issue is of freezing.

One of the user said on the Bioware forum that RPG copy of his has freeze .

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