Batman: Arkham City Multiplayer Details Out Now

A very first rumor after Christmas has surfaced and guess what it a big one "A details about Batman: Arkham City Multiplayer".

Batman: Arkham City Multiplayer

A unnamed source has revealed that Rocksteady is very much impressed by multiplayer part of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption in particular the Free Roam aspect of the game, and they have almost finalize to emulate that in Batman: Arkham City Multiplayer.

The source further continued that gamers get to select the character they want to play from the pool of 12 characters, once done with picking up the character they will enter a lobby that doesn't have that character.

Last thing the source revealed about Batman: Arkham City Multiplayer is that will also have a leveling system where gamers get to unlock a character-specific achievements.

In addition to multiplayer Batman: Arkham City will also feature co-op campaign.

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