FFXV Gamescom 2016 Impressions: FPS Issue During Close Ups and Cut Scenes, Graphics Scaled Down

Final Fantasy XV

Early Final Fantasy XV demos are being released to several gaming websites and users, with a few of them reaching forums and Reddit to provide their impressions before the game actually comes out on November 29. This is what we heard about – without spoilers.

Final Fantasy XV

First, the graphics. According to gamers, it looks like Final Fantasy XV really needed this unexpected two month delay which was announced yesterday. This is mainly because of frame rate issues being encountered especially with close ups and during cut scenes.

Moreover, during regular gameplay it seems graphics have been somehow scaled down in comparison with Episode Duscae in order to maintain the fps counter on decent amounts. Resolution is confirmed to be adaptive and it is something you'll notice throughout the adventure, with the picture being pretty clean at times, and at other times it'll be a bit jaggy, especially with hairs.

It is pretty clear now the game kicks off with a Chapter 0 prologue, which is less than three minute long, where you have a look at the basis of combat and a glimpse of how the story actually starts. We won't go into details but it seems this isn't anything you'll be willing to watch on YouTube before the game ships in November.

Gameplay feels very good, developing on the already neat basis offered by Episode Duscae and offering something even more epic in terms of music, too. Combat is pretty good and, interestingly, party members will have the same ability of switching between their primary and secondary weapons as the protagonist Noctis.

This is it, for now. What do you think about Final Fantasy XV based on these early impressions? Let us know in the comments below.


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