John Riccitiello: Playstation 3 to rule international market in future

According to Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello Sony's Playstation 3 in future will going to rule the international market and will be way ahead of its competitor Microsoft's Xbox 360.

John Riccitiello

John Riccitiello put forward this view of his by looking at the sales figure for both the console in international market, he also give out one example which is explained as follow:

In United States Sony's PS3 has almost taken over most months Microsoft's sale, and in Japan Xbox 360 has been a huge failure, whereas talking about European market both consoles registered almost similar sales figure.

Here is what John Riccitiello said:

“Microsoft’s brand, the Xbox, does not really compare to the PlayStation brand outside the US. I believe the international market is very important, so no matter how much Microsoft is able to increase sales in the US, it is still on an impossible mission because Sony’s brand is so strong”.

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