Spencer Discusses Microsoft Being So Aggressive Against PS4 Pro: "Dislikes Negative Dialog"

Xbox Scorpio

Phil Spencer has been talking with fans for a while now on Twitter and discussed what's happening in the video games industry, after Sony announced PS4 Pro, a direct competitor to Project Scorpio and a brand new 4K hardware – the first to put its feet in our living rooms and the only one that will make it this year.

Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft has been pretty aggressive all over again this week, while trying to state Project Scorpio is a more powerful machine, remarking that Xbox Live was declared the most solid online gaming network and Fallout 4 mods for consoles are available only on Xbox One due to Bethesda and Sony breaking up their conversations about this topic.

Spencer said he's been "public" about his "dislike of the negative dialog", anyway, as he wants the company to "stay focused on what we are building for Xbox gamers". So it seems Major Nelson, Xbox UK and other people who has been publicly discussing Sony's stuff this week are all talking for their own or at least are out of control right now. Would you believe this?

Anyway, talking about Halo, the Xbox boss also said that he is receiving and reporting feedback from people who'd love to have Halo 5: Guardians on Windows 10 PC as well. Recently, Microsoft has released a free Forge mode for Windows players to create and share the levels they build with other Xbox One players.

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