PS4 Pro Might Be Better For 1080p Gaming Rather Than 4K: Tech Analysis

PS4 Pro

In its latest video, Digital Foundry has discussed PS4 Pro's capability to offer 4K resolution gaming, detailing in particular all the advantages the console delivers when running 1080p titles on screen. From the looks of it, according to Richard Leadbetter, the new PlayStation might be better at 1080p resolution rather than 4K, since it has a lot of technical advancements that put it into the place of being more good looking at that definition.

PS4 Pro

1080p resolution deploys super-sampling on PS4 Pro, which offers an important leap forward in comparison with the standard PS4/PS4 Slim. During PlayStation Meeting, Leadbetter was also offered a look at HDR, which on compatible screens has an incredibly much more extended range of colors.

Have a look yourself at the video below - it's a pretty interesting clip to watch, especially if you have about 13 minutes of free time right now. PS4 Pro is releasing on November 10 at $399.

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