Nintendo NX Sketch And Specs Leaked By Foxconn Artist

Nintendo NX Sketch

New information about Nintendo NX specs has possibly slipped out from Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer which is said to be working on the upcoming console's mass production. An artist has provided details about its long-rumored hybrid concept and went even further discussing a third unit that would be handling "performance".

Nintendo NX

According to this rumor, Nintendo NX would be split into three pieces of hardware: a docking station, where you can put a central unit which would be basically running games and OS; this central unit; a handheld piece of hardware that has very limited calculation power that would feature a 6-inch 720p display.

The docking station is said to be supporting HDD, cartridge units, various other interfaces but no GPU/CPU, so it's not capable of running applications nor games on its own. The central unit handling performances "contains a Li-Ion battery. CPU/GPU also is contained inside. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and wired connections." This is said to be portable as well.

The handheld part would be streaming stuff like an Nvidia Shield if you link it to the central unit and handling "basic operations" with a low level of graphics quality when separated from it, and is reported to have detachable controllers so you can put it into the docking station and have it launching your content on TV just the way PS4 and Xbox One do.

Here's a sketch of what this console would be like according to the Foxconn artist:

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