Guinness World Records Reveals Football Video Game Records

Did you ever imagine how popular these football games are, if you don't than read this figure given out by Guinness World Record which wil give you a very clear idea of how pouplar these football games ar among the gamers all round the world. The 2010 gamer Edition version of Guiness World Record hails FIFA as the Best Selling Soocer Franchise as a total of more than 65 million copies has been ship since its launch way back in 1993. Now take a look at individual sales detail of FIFA game, FIFA 2009: FIFA 2009 acclaim two title for itself the Largest Ever Multiplayer Sports game and Fastest Selling Title in all the FIFA series as it cross the sale of 1.2 million copies just within a week of its release in October 2008. 

Football Manager 2009: Football Manager 2009 also bags two title for itself, a very first Video gametitle which was licensed by a Everton FC itself that too for a purpose of Recruitiment and the second title was for the Most Real Life Player to Appear in any of the Sports Game. Championship Manager Series: Guiness World Records 2010 Game Edition refers it as a Longest-Running Soccer Series as it is still around since way back in 1992. The first Soocer Game that use a stadium viewpoit was NASL.

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