GTA V Fever Still On, GTA Products Had Net Revenues For $700 Million Over The Past 12 Months


Something amazing is happening in the GTA universe. It seems Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive won't need new GTA games at least in the short-mid term, simply because the existing ones (GTA V) and the GTA Online platforms are so successful they're still making a lot of money.


According to the latest report from Niko Partners' Daniel Ahmad, GTA products have been making $700 million of net revenues in the past 12 months. Again, something amazing simply because no new GTA games have been released over this timeframe, so we might have a couple considerations to do based on these info.

First, we won't see any single-player DLC for GTA V as long as GTA Online is so much successful. Second, an upcoming GTA VI game is not so upcoming, as the Housers' software house might have a longer and more relaxing development process because of this stuff still being so successful.

Maybe, this will allow them to focus on other brands they have in their portfolio, like Red Dead Redemption, whose sequel is rumored to be coming since a long time, or even Bully, Midnight Club, who knows.

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