Monetised Call of Duty gameplay coming soon?

Although Activision has already said several times against a payment model of Call of Duty, Wedbush Morgan analysts believe that the franchise will definitely be monetized and this will happen very soon.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

"Activision remains a top pick, primarily due to the company's potential to create and monetize a second tier of multiplayer online gaming for its Call of Duty franchise," Wedbush reported.

"We expect this to occur during the first quarter of 2011."

There isn't any official confirmation regarding this at all, and in the past Activison and COD developers assured gamers that they will never charge a penny for playing one of the most popular first person shooter online.

However not to forget that this is the first time that an analyst has openly made a claimed regarding monetised Call of Duty multiplayer along with suggesting a launch window for the same.

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