DC Universe Online BETA ending with an epic battle

All those gamers who are in possession of DC Universe Online beta should use the remaining time still. This fact ends soon.

DC Universe Online

As a thank you, there is a phenomenal fight in Metropolis between Superman and Lex Luther, and to marvel in Gotham City between Batman and the Joker.

The event takes place at the following times on the European servers:

  • EU PS3 BETA 1 / Thursday January 6 / CT 11AM or 5PM GMT / Botanical Gardens (Batman Vs. The Joker)
  • EU PS3 BETA 2 / Friday January 6 / 12 Noon CT or 6PM GMT / Centennial Park (vs. Superman. Lex Luthor)

Above details is revealed on the official Facebook page of the game.

DC Universe Online comes out on January 14.

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