Insider: NX Getting A New IP From Nintendo Japan, "Weird, Fun And Crazy, Trying To Be Next Splatoon" (Update)

Nintendo NX

There are multiple rumors on the internet regarding official announcement of Nintendo NX incoming in October 2016, however, no official confirmation from Nintendo. Twitter user Emily Rogers is one of the insiders who first talked about the reveal of Nintendo NX incoming in October 2016. A new update from Emily is a sort of disappointing news for Nintendo fans who are eagerly waiting to hear something from Nintendo on NX.

Nintendo NX

Emily has stated that she is "not 100% convinced" that a news on Nintendo NX will happen this week. On this note, I would like to advise Nintendo fans to keep their hopes and expectations in check.

On a positive note, Emily talked about a brand new IP currently in development at Nintendo for NX. She revealed that this brand new IP is currently in development from one of the Nintendo's teams in Japan. She went on to describe the IP as "weird, fun and crazy. Nintendo doesn't have another game like this"

Adding more to it, Emily said that this new IP is trying to be the next Splatoon.

Lastly, Emily added that she still has a positive feeling about getting some sorts of news on Nintendo NX later this week.


Nintendo finally announced the timing of the preview trailer of Nintendo NX. It will go live today at 7AM PT/10AM ET. This is what Nintendo wrote on Twitter just few hours ago: "Be among the first to discover #NX. Watch the Preview Trailer at 7am PT/10am ET"

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