No Nintendo Switch Games and Release in 2016

No new games for Nintendo Switch

Next generation console by Nintendo is in mist of assumptions or reality will be revealed in 2017. According to a tweet by Takashi Mochizuki a Wall Street Journal Tech based reporter in Tokyo, informed this year would not bring any news on Switch. The game titles and official specification is left for the next year.

No new games for Nintendo Switch

News sources accentuate release shifted to first quarter of 2017, shattering the holiday mood of Nintendo fans. Latest in the series a short intro release of Nitendo Switch is already enticing many. More than a console, Switch breaks stereotype handle device to a hybrid model serving home gaming console. Another tweet revealed a leaked specification of Switch.

Leaked Specification: Source :

  • Display - 6.2inch IPS LCD with 1280x720 Max Resolution
  • Processor- 4x ARM Cortext-A57 Core @ 2Ghz Max L2 Cache, 2MB.
  • Graphics - Nvidia 2nd Generation Maxwell 256 Cuda Cores @ 1Ghz Max.
  • Main Memory Capacity - 4GB
  • System Memory Capacity - 32GB

We will keep you updated about upcoming news, till time you can refer the official press release that provides list of developers who are working on games for Switch.

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